Corporate Sustainability

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Program

Going Beyond. Every Day.

We are dedicated to going beyond what was previously possible for those living with rare and ultra-rare diseases – today, tomorrow and every day.

Ultragenyx was built from the ground up with a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This commitment is centered around expediting development of new therapies, improving access to treatments, maintaining a people-first culture, and most importantly, doing the right thing for people with rare disease.

In 2021, we evaluated the ESG topics that matter the most to our internal and external stakeholders to establish a set of priorities and a strategic ESG framework based on five pillars: Patients, People, Communities, Planet and Governance.

Our ESG Report

Our inaugural ESG report covers a growing and evolving set of business practices across our organization, from how we develop and manufacture our medicines prioritizing safety and accessibility, to nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture for our employees, to supporting our communities and reducing our environmental footprint.

ESR Report Cover

Click here to access the 2021 Ultragenyx ESG report

Our ESG Pillars

Patients: Innovation & Impact – We share our science and expertise to lead the future of rare disease drug development and to treat as many individuals with rare diseases as possible.

We are committed to going beyond for patients by:

  • Developing life-changing treatments for rare and ultra-rare diseases.
  • Partnering with the rare disease community by sharing our science and expertise to advance development of new treatments, whether by us or others.
  • Achieving majority access to our medicines.
  • Engaging and supporting the rare disease community with education and resources.

People – We continually endeavor to be an inclusive, sought-after company where employees come first and feel motivated to bring the best versions of themselves to work each day, knowing they are making a difference in the lives of the rare disease community.

We are committed to maintaining a diverse, inclusive, safe and healthy environment, and to being a company where employees feel respected and valued. We are also committed to fair and equitable compensation practices that are transparent and free from bias.

Communities – We aspire to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate and beyond.

We are committed to building stronger and healthier communities by:

  • Being a thoughtful and responsible neighbor.
  • Providing jobs.
  • Supporting educational, humanitarian, and public health and wellness initiatives.

Planet – We strive to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and to continuously improve our performance to benefit our employees, customers, communities and the environment.

We are committed to developing an environmental strategy that recognizes our contributions to the health of the planet and minimizes our environmental footprint across our business.

  • Piloted sustainable building design standards at our new gene therapy manufacturing facility
  • Began purchasing 100% renewable electricity for our Novato, California, headquarters
  • Our ESG Report

Governance – Through strong corporate governance and a culture of integrity, we seek to prevent significant issues before they occur and foster an environment where issues are disclosed without the threat of retaliation. If and when issues arise, our policy is to thoroughly investigate to identify root causes and, in a timely and efficient manner, implement measures to stop repeat occurrences.

The foundation of our purpose to lead the future of rare disease medicine is built upon our commitments to:

  • Strong corporate governance structures at both the board and company leadership levels.
  • Upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Data protection and security.
  • Responsible procurement.